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Mar/01 Hanwha Techwin Brand Becomes Hanwha Vision.
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Hanwha Techwin Rebrands to Hanwha Vision, Expanding its Offering to Vision Solutions– With the announcement of the name change, the company expresses its intention to lead innovation in the field of g..
Dec/09 AI on Camera
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When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what springs to mind? For some, it’ll be the vast server rooms that power the likes of IBM Watson or AlphaGo. But that’s no longer the case when deployi..
May/25 Affordable Wisenet X Series Cameras With Onboard AI Capabilities
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Hanwha Techwin has launched a new NDAA-compliant Wisenet X Series range of cameras with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, at a price point that will appeal to any organization lookin..
Apr/20 Jargon Buster: Minimising The Cyber Security Threat To Ip Network Cameras
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Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing and Elaine Moran, Technical Support & Field Engineer for Hanwha Techwin Europe have jointly produced a jargon-busting explanation of video surveillance cyber ..
Apr/01 AI Inside:  Introducing The Next Generation Of Video Camera
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Compared to some other technologies, video cameras haven’t been around for that long. First used in 1942 to observe a rocket launch, cameras didn’t become used publicly until the 1960s. This makes the..
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