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Sounders are alarming alarm systems. They are parts that stimulate the environment with sound and light in any event.

Since they are generally placed outside the building, they are resistant to water and dust and are also prepared for all sabotage attempts. They give warning to the alarm system by means of sound and light in case of disassembly, opening of cover and impact, and they inform the owner by telephone or over the internet.


Brand: Paradox Model: SR-130
SR-130, Wireless External / Indoor SirenTransceiver on the device (868MHz)100dB sound levelPC / ABS housing with UV protection1.5Vdc (3 ”C”) with Alkaline battery (included)Fast alarm response time (4sec)2.5 hours alarm display (flashes every 4 seconds after flashing ringing)Bidirectional control be..
Brand: KDT Model: PS-128P
PS-128P, 128dB Electronic Siren for Alarm Systems..
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