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900NM, HID iClass & Bluetooth Card Reader (Twist & Go)

900NM, HID iClass & Bluetooth Card Reader (Twist & Go)
900NM, HID iClass & Bluetooth Card Reader (Twist & Go)
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: 900NM
  • Weight: 114.00g
  • Dimensions: 103.00mm x 48.00mm x 23.00mm
  • SKU: 900NM
  • HS CODE: 847190
  • MPN: 900NM

900NM, HID iClass & Bluetooth Card Reader (Twist & Go)

  • Innovative - Provides secure access to portable devices using standard communication technologies running on both iOS® and Android ™ operating systems.
  • Convenient - Improves the processing experience by opening doors with a touch or “Twist and Go” movement, combining safety with ease.
  • Dynamic - Supports new Portable IDs and existing card presence for seamless migration to a safer standard.


  • Adjustable read settings control the overall strength and read range of Portable IDs, providing flexibility for both close and long distance “Twist and Go” distances.
  • It can be set using mobile phone during installation.
  • The directional antenna provides long range read distances of up to 6.6 in the right direction, not in front of and behind the reader.
  • iCLASS SE® and multiCLASS SE® portable readers are part of the HID Mobile Access® solution that provides a consistent user experience across different devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android. Readers can be configured to be enabled with the touch of a smartphone or with HID Global's patented ist Twist and Go ”motion technology.

  • Ideal for new and existing installations, interoperable iCLASS SE and multiCLASS SE readers support a variety of industry-standard technologies including iCLASS Seos®, standard iCLASS®, iCLASS SE, MIFARE®, MIFARE DESFire® and HID Prox. Simultaneous support for mobile devices and existing card assets facilitates hybrid card usage and transition to a safer standard.
  • 900NM, HID iClass & Bluetooth Card Reader (Twist & Go) 
  • Enhanced multi-layer security is provided through the Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model via the iCLASS SE platform. This additional layer of security protects keys and cryptographic operations against tampering. The inclusion of Seos® technology to manage identity data results in a dynamic and highly secure mobile solution.

Reader Features
Transmission Format34 Bit Wiegand.
Access Control System Specifications
Product TypeReader.
Card TypeMifare iClass Bluetooth NFC
Reader TypeWorks with Access Controller
Operation TypeCard / Phone
Panel Connection InterfaceWiegand OSDP
Operating voltage5-16VDC

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