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D-296, 24V Beam Type Smoke Detector

D-296, 24V Beam Type Smoke Detector
D-296, 24V Beam Type Smoke Detector
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: D-296
  • Dimensions: 140.00mm x 140.00mm x 178.00mm
  • SKU: D-296
  • HS CODE: 85319000
  • MPN: D-296

D-296, 24V Beam Type Smoke Detector

  • Operates over distances between 30 ft (9 m) and 350 ft (107 m)Six levels of switch-selectable sensitivity
  • Built-in alignment sights and tamper protection
  • Automatic range adjustment, signal synchronization, and contamination adjustment
  • Remote indicator plate annunciates detector status and provides test points for voltage monitoring

CategoryFire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System Specifications
Operation TypeConventional
Product TypeDetector
Detection Distance100m
Detection TypeSmoke

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