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C7050, AXIS Audio Management Server

C7050, AXIS Audio Management Server
C7050, AXIS Audio Management Server
  • Stock Status: Pre-Order
  • Model: C7050
  • Weight: 1,170.00g
  • Dimensions: 178.00mm x 182.00mm x 33.00mm
  • SKU: C7050
  • MPN: C7050

C7050, AXIS Audio Management Server

The AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server comes preinstalled on a 3.4GHz computer. Enables easy and remote management of large network audio installations. It provides a structure that takes control of your entire audio system and can be controlled from a single user interface, such as system setup of audio devices, zone management, audio content management, and audio programming. Particularly useful in the retail industry or schools, AXIS Audio Manager allows you to centrally broadcast music, live or scheduled announcements, emergency messages and more to individual locations or to all devices. With quick setup, intuitive operation, and online device status monitoring, AXIS Audio Manager realizes the benefits of network audio. You will not be aware of any deficiencies or malfunctions in the system until you notice that there is no sound from the speaker in analog audio systems. However, all parts of the network audio system are controlled by the control software. If there are any problems, the user will be informed instantly.

Main Features

  • Tek bir kullanıcı arayüzü
  • Merkezi kontrol
  • Bölge yönetimi
  • Ses içeriği yönetimi
  • Çizelge
CategoryPublic Address System
Network Audio Specifications
Product TypeManagement Server
Working systemNetwork / PoE
Number of Audio Devices15.000

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