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C8033, AXIS Network Audio Bridge

C8033, AXIS Network Audio Bridge
C8033, AXIS Network Audio Bridge
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: Axis C8033
  • Weight: 102.00g
  • Dimensions: 57.00mm x 129.00mm x 24.00mm
  • SKU: Axis C8033
  • EAN: 7331021058255
  • MPN: Axis C8033

C8033, AXIS Network Audio Bridge

  • All the advantages of network voice
  • PoE for easy installation
  • According to open standards
  • Easy integration with other IT systems

AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge is an intelligent and easy solution that connects and combines analog and network audio systems. You can play music from analog sources on your Axis network music system. And with the C8033, you can add Axis network speakers to your analog system. This means that you can enjoy many of the benefits of our speakers while maintaining the value of your investment in analog audio equipment.

Sound from any source

With the AXIS C8033, you can connect analog audio sources to the Axis network speakers. For example, you can play music from mobile phones, tablets, computers, or from a professional music streaming box. On the other hand, you can connect any digital source to your analog speaker system. This means you can use AXIS Audio Player to program playlists with music and audio and listen to pre-recorded announcements. Or you can make unprogrammed announcements through your VoIP system. And you can use the smart zone structure to send the right music and announcement to the right speakers at the right time.

The best of both worlds

For both analog and digital connections, the AXIS C8033 enables legacy analog speaker systems to act as a single system with an Axis network audio system. So you can switch from analog to intelligent digital audio at your own pace. Small and lightweight, takes up little space. And for hundreds of speakers, all you need is one AXIS C8033.

CategoryPublic Address System
Network Audio Specifications
Product TypeNetwork Audio Bridge
Working systemNetwork / PoE
Number of Audio Devices50

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