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Access Control Systems; These are systems that can be applied wherever desired to control access.

Although a card or biometric reader and an electric lock mechanism seem to be sufficient if you want to ensure that only authorized persons pass through a door, factors such as the environmental conditions of the work and the required security levels create quite different requirements. Access can be restricted by various methods such as Card, Password, Fingerprint, Hand Map, Face and Iris Recognition.

Information from readers is processed by the Access Control Panel. If authorized, the necessary opening process is performed and a record is created on the computers for this purpose. These records can be converted into reports by access control software or by third party software (eg Time & Attendance software).

Access control systems can be strengthened with data such as card, password, biometric information in environments where high security is required. Applications requiring at least two persons for a pass can also be provided by access control systems.

In applications where only 1 door is allowed to be opened in the same area (such as laboratory environments), applications that allow only one of the locks to be opened at the same time can also be provided by access control systems(Interlocking).

Wisenet Access, HID, Samsung, Rosslare card access control systems belonging to world-famous brands such as you can review from this site. Our company's staff will help you in creating the system that suits your needs.

Access Control Systems

MG-250M, Electromagnetic Lock with Monitoring Capacity with Holding Capacity of 250Kg
Brand: Assa Abloy Model: MG-250M
MG-250M, Electromagnetic Lock with Monitoring Capacity with Holding Capacity of 250KgMG-250M Suitable for aluminum, wood and iron doors, locks when energized. The built-in lock status monitoring contact allows the status of the lock to be monitored in access control systems. The model of the lock wi..
YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock
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Brand: YLI Model: YB-500IN
YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500I N(LED) is an all-metal construction electric bolt .suitable for narrow frame doors which is possess with Double protection for loading current. The bolt is made of 304 stainless steel solid bar with 1000kg holding force and anti-burglar design. It contains the d..
54N-512F-LX, Failsafe Electric Lock Striker, Symmetrical Body 54N-512F-LX, Failsafe Electric Lock Striker, Symmetrical Body
Brand: Dorcas Model: 54N-512F-LX
54N-512F-LX, Failsafe Electric Lock Striker, Symmetrical Body It is suitable for wooden and aluminum doors where there are not many passes per day.TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICSFailsafe OperationInox plateBody Dimensions: 67x29,5x28mm12VDC..
WT-M1610-30-00IC, Drawer Cabinet Lock with Card Reader WT-M1610-30-00IC, Drawer Cabinet Lock with Card Reader
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Brand: WT Model: WT-M1610-30-00IC
WT-M1610-30-00IC, Drawer Cabinet Lock with Card ReaderWT-M1610-3000IC is a lock with Mifare card reader designed for furniture such as drawers and cabinets. When the card is scanned into the WT-M-1602-30-00IC, it releases the lock inside the body and the user can open the drawer or cabinet by turnin..
SGC-SP5C41, Flush-mount NO Magnetic Contact SGC-SP5C41 is a high quality magnetic contact that is generally used in alarm systems and access control systems. The SGC-SP5C41 is a normally open magnetic contact (Form B). It is manufactured to be short-circuited when the magnet is far away. When ..
Brand: YLI Model: YS-133NC
YS-133NC, Fail Safe Electric Strike for Glass DoorThe YS-133NC is designed for frameless glass doors. The working principle of the striker is based on the electromagnetism holding or releasing the release to lock or unlock the door.YS-133NC Locks when power is on. When the energy is cut ..
Brand: DormaKaba Model: EMC-1200-ALH
EMC-1200-ALH, 544Kg Holding Force, Monitoring, Electromagnetic Lock, 12-24VDCSingle surface-mounted electromagnetic lock with 1200 lbf (5338 N) holding force, surface-mounted, with lock status sensor and red/green LED indicator, anodized aluminium finish. Smart and Economic Security EM Comfort Lin..
Brand: Rosslare Model: DR-12C
DR-12C, EM Card Desktop ReaderDR-12C is an EM card desktop reader that reads the EM card identification number and transmits it to access control software such as Rosslare’s AxTraxNG™.GENERAL DESCRIPTIONDR-12C has a slim and attractive design and is built for convenience and portability. With its US..
Brand: Rosslare Model: AY-K6255
AY-K6255, CSN Select™ Smart Card ReaderThe CSN SELECT™ AY-K6255 is a series of multi-credential technology contactless smart card (13.56 MHz) readers that support access by an NFC compatible Android smartphone app* for use in access control system solutions. The readers have the flexibility to..
2000CGGSN, iClass, Contactless Smart Card
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Brand: HID Model: 2000CGGSN
2000CGGSN, iClass, Contactless Smart CardHID’s iCLASS® 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology can be used for diverse applications such as access control, biometrics, cashless vending, public transportation, airline ticketing and customer loyalty programs. Multiple, securely separate..
Brand: HID Model: 900PTNNEK00000
900PTNNEK00000, MultiClass SE RP10 Contactless Card Reader HIGHLY ADAPTABLE AND SECURE HIGH FREQUENCY  ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION ƒ Powerfully Secure – Provides layered security beyond the card media for added protection to identity data using SIOs. ƒ Adaptable – Interoperable with a growing..
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