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Electric Solenoid Locks are flush or surface mounted on the door. Switches can be made with a card reader, a password panel or mechanical key buttons.

Electric Solenoid Bolt

YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock
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Brand: YLI Model: YB-500IN
YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500I N(LED) is an all-metal construction electric bolt .suitable for narrow frame doors which is possess with Double protection for loading current. The bolt is made of 304 stainless steel solid bar with 1000kg holding force and anti-burglar design. It contains the d..
EB-200NVGL, Electric Door Bolt for Glass Doors (12VDC)
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Brand: Gianni Model: EB-200NVGL
EB-200NVGL, Electric Door Slider for Glass Doors (12VDC)Gianni EB-200NVGL Electric Door Bolt is designed for single and double-bolt glass doors where other locking products are unsuitable...
EB-195, Electronic Solenoid Bolt
Brand: Gianni Model: EB-195
EB-195, Electronic Solenoid Bolt The Gianni EB195 solenoid lock is used for doors where other locking systems are not suitable, especially for duplex doors. Only flush-type application is possible. Features  Fail-safe (Power to lock) Vandal resistant - The lock cannot be defeated by slipp..
1391-2042, Solenoid Bolt Fail Safe
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Brand: Adams Rite Model: 1391-2042
1391-2042, Solenoid Bolt Fail SafeAdams Rite 1391-2042 solenoid lock is used for doors where other locking systems are unsuitable, especially for duplex doors. Glass doors can be applied with optional mounting bracket.Technical Specifications:Nominal current draw: 24 V DC locking motion 0.5A maintai..
1391-1042, Solenoid Bolt Lock 1391-1042, Solenoid Bolt Lock
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Brand: Adams Rite Model: 1391-1042
1391-1042, Solenoid Bolt LockThe ADAMS RITE 1391-1042 Solenoid Bolt is used to facilitate the remote access and exit control of steel, timber and aluminium doors and is suitable for both single and double action doors. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and features a stainless steel deadb..
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