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Banking Solutions

A Large-Scale Branch Management and System Security Solution

Security has always been taken into consideration in the banking sector, where video surveillance systems are introduced at a relatively early date. Since the old analog systems are still installed and operating in many bank branches, the need for the latest transition to network-based, high-definition video surveillance systems is increasing. Hanwha Techwin offers a wide range of CCTV products

Thus, customers can easily switch from an old system to a state-of-the-art system. In addition to CCTV products, we offer flexible systems with exceptional scalability that can be used to integrate with other security systems used by banks. Our products provide excellent manageability through tools to quickly and easily manage equipment installed in various branches.

Key Features

Product Range

Analogue-network cameras

4-16 channel storage devices

Bank-specific VMS

Flexible System Integration
Interface for existing equipment
Integration interface with other systems
Excellent scalability with hierarchical structure
Customized Functions
Large-scale equipment management
Compatible with Bank IT infrastructures
Excellent security

Usage Scenarios

Crime prevention in branches
Provide high-quality video evidence with a variety of products that appeal to any architecture
- Small body, high resolution cameras minimize the inconvenience of bank customers. It also delivers high quality images in any lighting condition.
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Special Products for ATMs
ATM-specific compact cameras, fisheye cameras and integrated POE storage devices
- Special, compact ATM cameras and integrated POE recorders enable early intervention in suspicious activity with a variety of image analysis and ATM event-linking capabilities.
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Interface Compatible with Bank IT Infrastructures with Exceptional Security
Known cyber security tools integrated into security system 
- Wisenet ürünleri bilindik siber güvenlik araçlarının önemli bir kısmını sağlar. Bu sayede kullanıcılar IP kısıtlama, açık tabanlı sertifika kullanımı, fiziksel ağ ayrımı, VPN, Kullanıcı Hesabı Engelleme, Arabellek Taşması Koruması, 802.1x Sertifika Tabanlı Erişim Kontrolü gibi araçlarla sistemlerinin güvenliğini sağlayabilirler.
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Banka BT altyapısı ile uyum ve mükemmel güvenlik

Banka BT altyapısı ile uyum ve mükemmel güvenlik

Centralized Management of Large Quantity Equipment
Management should also be considered as the amount of Equipment used increases. 
- The user interface allows easy monitoring of the overall state of a system, ensuring the optimal operation of video surveillance systems. In addition, videos in the branches are automatically backed up to the center outside business hours, given the network bandwidth and blockages between bank branches. Wisenet products provide interfaces that allow users with multi-branch and high-volume equipment to easily manage system settings and structure.
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