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Get a security system without waiting for you or your relatives to be exposed to a security problem.

Alarm systems; it is generally thought of as a solution against theft.  However, there are security problems in the house which may have more serious consequences. For example, a fire may cause heavier consequences than theft. 

Security systems are the early warning system against all negative situations. A system that warns the person in case of fire, flood, gas leakage and electric leakage provides complete protection. The alarm system, now supported by a centralized monitoring service that directs the fire brigade in your home, the ambulance against your health problems, the security units against your theft problems, can now be provided by SECURITURK™ at very affordable prices. SECURITURK ™ uses PARADOX products from Canada.

Burglar Alarm Systems

MC-20, Normally Closed Type Magnetic Contact MC-20, Normally Closed Type Magnetic Contact
Brand: PMC Model: MC-20
MC-20, Normally Closed Type Magnetic Contact FEATURES NC contact GAP: 36 mm Dimensions: Switch/Magnet: 50 x 13 x 14 mm. Areas of use; Hotels Furnishings Machinery..
MC-24A, Aluminum Industrial Magnetic Contact
Brand: PMC Model: MC-24A
MC-24A, Aluminum Industrial Magnetic Contact MC-24A is a normally open, aluminum body industrial magnetic contact. Main Features: Metal magnetic contactsReed Form: N/OClosed Gap 38mmDeparture Gap 42mmContact Resistance 0.15ΩMaximum Contact Rating 7.5WMaximum Switching Voltage 100 VAC / VDCMaximum..
SGC-SP5C41, Flush-mount NO Magnetic Contact SGC-SP5C41 is a high quality magnetic contact that is generally used in alarm systems and access control systems. The SGC-SP5C41 is a normally open magnetic contact (Form B). It is manufactured to be short-circuited when the magnet is far away. When ..
Brand: KDT Model: PS-138P1
PS-138P1, 128dB Electronic Siren for Alarm SystemsPS-138P1 is a siren suitable for outdoor environments, produced with intrusion detection alarm panels. The internal piezo element provides 128dB (@ 1m) output. Produced as positive or negative trigger, the siren is compatible with all alarm panels. T..
TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: Paradox Model: TM70
TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad The TM50 / TM70 are touch screen input keypads designed to communicate with Paradox control panels, and offer user friendly interface. Both offer vivid colors and two sizes to select, 7” – TM70 or 5” – TM50. The TM70 due to its larger screen allows for more inform..
MG5075, 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel MG5075, 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel
Brand: Paradox Model: MG5075
MG5075, 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel  MG5075 Comes with K32+. The MG5075 is a future-ready (FSK System) wireless control panel that uses the latest in wireless technology. It comes with a plastic box with built-in display for your system status. It is offered with eith..
DC-1561, Plastic Mini Magnetic Contact
Brand: AIN (Aleph) Model: DC-1561
DC-1561, Plastic Mini Magnetic ContactSurface Mounts w. Wire Leads.DC-1561 is a mini magnetic contact that can be install to the surface by Self-Adhesive mounting or screwing. The contact offering 2.5cm sensing distance is also wired type.DC-1561 is Form A (Normally Closed) Type.ModelGap (in)Di..
Brand: Paradox Model: DCT6
DCT6, Recessed Wireless Door ContactThe DCT6 is designed for discrete in-frame door or window installations with press fit or screw fit with flange.DCT-6 is a magnetic contact that can be flush mounted. It can be wirelessly promoted directly to MG  series panels.  SP an..
TD-200, Voice Dialer for PSTN Networks
Brand: OEM Model: TD-200
TD-200, PSTN Auto Phone DialerMain Features8 Phone Number Registration20 Seconds of high-quality voicemail recordingProtected against power failureCompatible with metal boards with plastic base and screws4 x 3 keypad with sound alert (Buzzer)Isolated from the Phone lineAlso compatible with problemat..
Brand: PMC Model: MC-10F
MC-10F, Flush Type Magnetic Contact Main Features Body Dimensions (L x ∅): 33mm x 9~11mm (Conical) Magnet Dimensions (L x ∅): 14.00mm x 9~11mm (Conical) Detection Distance: 28mm Form A (Normally Closed, Closed when Magnet is near)..
Paradox-ES1, Wireless Water Detector Extension Sensor
Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
Brand: Paradox Model: ES1
Paradox-ES1, Wireless Water Detector Extension SensorThe ES1 can be connected to the 2nd water source in the same location by connecting to the WD1 Water sensor. Thus, 2 different water sources can be monitored with a single main sensor...
Brand: Paradox Model: Paradox-WD1
Paradox-WD1, Wireless Flood Sensor Paradox WD1 is a two-way wireless sensor that generates alarms when water touches WD1's sensors, minimizing serious water-induced damage due to water leakage or flooding when you are at home or outdoors. A two-way device provides an extra level of security. It co..
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