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Detectors are the ear and nose of the alarm systems. In other words, they are sensory organs of the alarm system. These parts can detect movement, glass breakage, smoke, heat, flood, door window opening, displacement, impact. In this way, alarm systems can detect intruders and provide security to the user and the necessary security units.


Paradox-ES1, Wireless Water Detector Extension Sensor
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Brand: Paradox Model: ES1
Paradox-ES1, Wireless Water Detector Extension SensorThe ES1 can be connected to the 2nd water source in the same location by connecting to the WD1 Water sensor. Thus, 2 different water sources can be monitored with a single main sensor...
Brand: Paradox Model: Paradox-WD1
Paradox-WD1, Wireless Flood Sensor Paradox WD1 is a two-way wireless sensor that generates alarms when water touches WD1's sensors, minimizing serious water-induced damage due to water leakage or flooding when you are at home or outdoors. A two-way device provides an extra level of security. It co..
Brand: Paradox Model: GS250
GS250, Wireless Multi-Axis DetectorThe Gpower GS250 is an indoor wireless movement detector that uses advanced three-axis accelerometer technology (X,Y, and Z) to sense movement of any object it is attached to. When fitted to any protected valuable or asset, the Gpower will trigger a detection if an..
Brand: Paradox Model: WH-588
WH-588P Wireless Heat DetectorMain FeaturesFixed temperature heat sensorDC battery operated wireless alarmCompact, low-profile designBuilt-in sirenAvailable in 433MHz or 868MHzProtection against the ingress of foreign bodies / Insect GuardAnti-tamper sensorTest buttonLED operation indicatorLow batte..
Brand: Paradox Model: NV-35MR
NV-35MR, Animal-Free, Wireless, External / Internal Media Curtain Type PIR Motion SensorThe NV35MR provides a superior wireless outdoor and indoor solution for windows and sliding doors. The detector is optimized to discriminate false alarms triggered by small birds, cats and dogs.The detector has t..
Brand: Paradox Model: NV-5
NV5, High Performance Infrared Motion SensorThe NV-5 is a perpendicular motion detector...
Brand: Paradox Model: HD-77
HD-77, EVO-HD Systems Camera and PIR DetectorHD-77 The camera is a camera and motion detection detector that can capture 720p HD images, providing unlimited live HD video and audio broadcasting for surveillance and alarm event verification.These features allow users to connect and verify possible in..
Brand: Paradox Model: NV-780MR
NV-780MR, Two-Way Wireless Motion Sensor for Outdoor UseNV-780MR is suitable for outdoor use. It detects movements up to 12m in both directions from where it is mounted. Animals up to 40 kg are not visible to this sensor. With these features, it is suitable for places where protection is needed in l..
NV780, Digital Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector NV780, Digital Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector
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Brand: Paradox Model: NV-780
NV-780, Outdoor Motion Sensor That Can Detect Both Sides..
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