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Keypads are the key to setting up and deactivating alarm systems. Thanks to these panels, you do not have to carry a key or control with you to install and deactivate the system. You can tell the panel what to do with these panels when entering or leaving the house.


TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad
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Brand: Paradox Model: TM70
TM70, Paradox Touch Screen Keypad The TM50 / TM70 are touch screen input keypads designed to communicate with Paradox control panels, and offer user friendly interface. Both offer vivid colors and two sizes to select, 7” – TM70 or 5” – TM50. The TM70 due to its larger screen allows for more inform..
TM50, Paradox Touch Keypad TM50, Paradox Touch Keypad
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Brand: Paradox Model: TM50
TM50, Paradox Touch KeypadThe world's first and unique touch screen technology burglar alarm system keypad (keypad) is also the world's number 1 burglar alarm systems brand, was developed by Paradox.The touch screen keypad TM50, which comes from the Paradox brand's expertise in security and creativi..
Brand: Paradox Model: K636
K636, StayD Keypad10 Zone LED Display Keypad for SP Series Panels..
K35, LCD Keypad (Icon)
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Brand: Paradox Model: K35
K35, LCD Keypad (Icon)Paradox LCD Display Keypad, 32 Zones Display..
K32RF Wireless Led Keypad
Brand: Paradox Model: K32RF
K32RF Wireless Led Keypad 32 Zone Wireless LED Keypad..
Brand: Paradox Model: K-32LX
K32LX, Keypad and Wireless Receiver ModuleParadox LCD Display Keypad, 32 Zone Display, Built-in Wireless Transceiver Module (868MHz)..
Brand: Paradox Model: K32LCD+
K32-LCD+, LCD Screen KeypadLCD Screen Keypad for Spectra SP and MG Series Panels..
Brand: Paradox Model: K32+
K32+, 32 Zone Led KeypadWireless Keypad for MG6160 and MG6130..
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