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Sounders are alarming alarm systems. They are parts that stimulate the environment with sound and light in any event.

Since they are generally placed outside the building, they are resistant to water and dust and are also prepared for all sabotage attempts. They give warning to the alarm system by means of sound and light in case of disassembly, opening of cover and impact, and they inform the owner by telephone or over the internet.


Brand: KDT Model: PS-138P1
PS-138P1, 128dB Electronic Siren for Alarm SystemsPS-138P1 is a siren suitable for outdoor environments, produced with intrusion detection alarm panels. The internal piezo element provides 128dB (@ 1m) output. Produced as positive or negative trigger, the siren is compatible with all alarm panels. T..
Brand: Paradox Model: SR-130
SR-130, Wireless Outdoor Siren with Built-in Strobe LightMain FeaturesBattery operated (3 "C" alkaline batteries) Weather-resistant design with UV protection2-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel100dB Piezo sirenSeparate alarm notifications for intrusion and fireDual-tamper det..
Brand: KDT Model: PS-128P1
PS-128P1, 128dB Electronic Siren for Alarm SystemsMain Features128 dB Piezo,2 High LEDs, dynamic flasher, Dual tamper switch,20W speaker output, + / - trigger, 40 mA current consumption, UV Protector, 2.75mm thick body, 6V 300mA battery included. Flasher Color:RedL: 300mm W: 195mm  H:88mm..
SR-120, 100dB Wireless Indoor Siren SR-120, 100dB Wireless Indoor Siren
Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
Brand: Paradox Model: SR-120
SR-120, 100dB Wireless Indoor Siren..
PS-128K, External Siren, Flasher, Led, Tamper Protected
Brand: KDT Model: PS-128K
PS-128K, External Siren, Flasher, Led, Tamper Protected..
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