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Fire Alarm System Other Parts

Brand: Bosch Model: FLM‐420‐NAC-S
FLM‐420‐NAC-S, Signaling Device Interface ModulesWith 1 supervised output line for conventional signaling devices, with surface-mounted housingFLM‐420‐NAC Signaling Device Interface Modules make it possible to monitor and activate a group of signaling devices (NAC = Notification Appliance Circuit) i..
IOS-0020, Communication Module
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Brand: Bosch Model: IOS-0020
IOS-0020, Communication ModuleThe IOS 0020 A Communication Module has the following interfaces:• an S20 interfaces• an RS232 interfaceThe voice alarm system Plena can be connected via RS232.Main FeaturesConnection of peripherals with serial interface  Plena connection via RS232 Ready to go..
Brand: Bosch Model: FLM-420/4-CON-S
FLM-420/4-CON-S, Conventional Interface Modules 4-wire LSNConventional Zone Module for Bosch Addressable Fire PanelsClick here for product brochureThe FLM-420 / 4CON Conventional Interface Module enables conventional detectors to be connected to LSN fire panels via a 4-wire supply network (LSN with ..
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