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Other than alarm sensors, these buttons are used to inform the users that there is a fire in the building system. As soon as the button is pressed, the system goes into alarm and fulfills the necessary scenarios.

You can find the manual call points products in this category.

Manual Call Points

FMC-120-DKM-G-R, Conventional Call Point for Fire Alarm
Brand: Bosch Model: FMC-120-DKM-G-R
FMC-120-DKM-G-R, Conventional Call Point for Fire Alarm..
Brand: Bosch Model: FMC-SPGL-DEIL
FMC-SPGL-DEIL, Spare glass for FMC-120 and FMC-210 MCPFor manual call points of series DM, DKM, SKM, FMC-120 and FMC-210, 1 unit = 5 spare glassesCompatible Fire Call PointsFMC-210 (DM, DKM, SKM)FMC-120 (DM, DKM, SKM)..
Brand: Bosch Model: FMC-420RW-GSRRD
FMC-420RW-GSRRD, Addressable Fire Call PointSingle Action Call Points LSN improvedFMC‐420RW Single Action Call Points are used for manual triggering and can be employed in both the Local SecurityNetwork (LSN) and the LSN improved version.Pressing the black marking breaks the glass pane, which t..
FMC-300RW-GSGRD, Conventional Manual Call Point
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Brand: Bosch Model: FMC-300RW-GSGRD
FMC-300RW-GSGRD, Conventional Manual Call Point..
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