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M42, Han-Held Metal Detector

M42, Han-Held Metal Detector
M42, Han-Held Metal Detector
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: M-42
  • Weight: 0.50kg
  • Dimensions: 420.00mm x 83.00mm x 4.10mm
  • SKU: M-42
  • HS CODE: 85437012
  • MPN: M-42

M42, Han-Held Metal Detector

HIGH SENSITIVITY; The object of detection may be small parts such as guns, detonators and batteries, and seasonal (winter) clothing differences can also be adjusted and the risk of staying in a low-cost detector is very high. Superscanner can be checked before the contents of your thumb, scanning at the higher levels required.

SECRET GENERAL SENSITIVITY BUTTON; Security consultants and coordinators; Superscanner protects the general function button in the pistol grip by using the principle of the password or lock in case it is the most important item of security and door metal detector specifications.

Error-free scanning with wide scanning coil; The superscanner m42 had 22.5 cm. With its long coil, it scans the widest possible area in the shortest time and with the most error.

BATTERY END CAUTION; The Superscanner m42 wants the battery to drop to 10%, informs you with the easiest and most effective change of call volume.

Metal Detector Specifications
Product Type Hand Held Type Metal Detector

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