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E1196, Bluetooth Reader
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Brand: Gianni Model: E1196
E1196, Bluetooth Reader After making the appropriate connections to the E-1196Download E-Access app for Android Phones    or   Download E-Access app for IPhone Phones Download using these links. Then all you have to do is set 1 admin password. Easily open your door..
Brand: Gianni Model: CP-32
CP-32, 2 Contact Resettable Emergency Exit ButtonResettable emergency button, CP-32 model with independent double contact (N / O and N / C), people can provide electrical lock / release functions in case of emergency. This button which can be reset with the switch also eliminates the glass breakage ..
GK-300M-9, ANSI type Electric Lock Striker
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Brand: Gianni Model: GK-300M-9
GK-300M-9, ANSI type Electric Lock Striker Internally mounted solenoid Field selectable fail-safe / fail-secure Keeper width 45 mm Available in 12 or 24 VDC Accommodates 15 mm latch throw Used with cylindrical and mortise locksets without deadbolt Non-handed ..
Brand: Gianni Model: GK-300
GK-300, ANSI type Electric Lock Striker Symmetrical design provides ease of installation for right or left-hand doors Suitable for aluminum and metal doors Swivel lock tongue provides ease of installation Compatible with all access control systems SpecificationOperating Vo..
EB-200NVGL, Electric Door Bolt for Glass Doors (12VDC)
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Brand: Gianni Model: EB-200NVGL
EB-200NVGL, Electric Door Slider for Glass Doors (12VDC)Gianni EB-200NVGL Electric Door Bolt is designed for single and double-bolt glass doors where other locking products are unsuitable...
EB-195, Electronic Solenoid Bolt
Brand: Gianni Model: EB-195
EB-195, Electronic Solenoid Bolt The Gianni EB195 solenoid lock is used for doors where other locking systems are not suitable, especially for duplex doors. Only flush-type application is possible. Features  Fail-safe (Power to lock) Vandal resistant - The lock cannot be defeated by slipp..
U520-S, Mounting Bracket for Electromagnetic Lock
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Brand: Gianni Model: U520-S
U520-S, Mounting Bracket for Electromagnetic Lock..
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