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You can find Handheld Metal Detectors in this category.

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Brand: Thruscan Model: TS-DXX
TS-DXX, Hand Held Metal DetectorSensitivity:The device is in the most sensitive position when the sensitivity adjustment knob is set to the threshold where no warning signal is heard. Turning counterclockwise decreases sensitivity. When sensitivity is adjusted, 1 YTL coin can be detected from 20 cm,..
TS-DX, Hand Held Metal Detector
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Brand: Thruscan Model: TS-DX
TS-DX, Hand Held Metal DetectorObject to be detected        Minimum detection distance:9 mm MKE Handgun          17 cmAM 7 (NILECJ Metal)            13 cmAN 7 (NILECJ Metal)            12 cmUtili..
M7, Hand Held Metal Detector
Brand: Newin Model: NEV-M7
M7, Hand Held Metal DetectorDetection distance of 23cm for medium size gun, 15cm for blade, 12.5cm for metal key, 7.5cm for razor blade, 2.5cm for pin. It also includes features such as return to automatic operation, LED and battery warning. No tools are required for battery replacement...
Brand: Garrett Model: M-42
M42, Han-Held Metal DetectorHIGH SENSITIVITY; The object of detection may be small parts such as guns, detonators and batteries, and seasonal (winter) clothing differences can also be adjusted and the risk of staying in a low-cost detector is very high. Superscanner can be checked before the content..
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