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RAID Calculator

RAID Calculator

You can use our RAID calculator to determine how much available disk space you can get with any number of disk drives in various RAID configurations.

Enter the Number of Disks you want to use in the array and the Size of the Disks to Use for this RAID array. Then select RAID Level. Both the total array size and the actual available disk space will appear in the following boxes.


Number of Disk(s):


Disk Size (GB):


RAID Level

Raid 0 - Disk Array - At Least 2 Disk
Raid 1 - Disk Mirroring - At Least 2 Disk
Raid 5 - Disk Array (Parity) - At Least 3 Disk
Raid 6 - Dual Disk Array - At Least 4 Disk
Raid 10 - Array & Mirroring  - At Least 4 Disk
Raid 50 - Raid 5+0 - Array with Distributed Sync - At least 6 Disks
Raid 60 - Raid 6+0 - Array with Distributed Dual Sync - At least 8 Disk

Total size of the array (GB):

Total Disk Space Available (GB):