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Solutions for Retail Sector


Hanwha Techwin Retail Industry Solutions

Hanwha Techwin provides useful information for basic safety, customer safety and efficient operation of stores. From single stores to multiple store chains, retail trade requires a number of key features.

- Intelligent video monitoring devices that can easily eliminate losses arising from customers and employees and resolve reputation-damaging incidents.

- Cost savings by facilitating increased sales and store operations through analysis of product impressions and customer visits.

Traditional retail and e-queue comparisons create changes in the workflow. Wisenet offers customized solutions optimized to meet the growing needs of retail markets.

Retail Solution Features

Video Surveillance Sales Increase Reducing Costs
Real Time Monitoring and Recording
Remote Monitoring and Playback
Monitoring with Mobile Devices
Visitor Count
Customer Movement Analysis
Daily Customer Pattern Analysis
Central Management System
Networked Security Equipment

Customized for Retail and Integrated Monitoring

- 360° fisheye, PTZ, IR and low cost basic camera options with smart coverage options. It completely covers the store and does not leave blind spots.

- Cameras with WDRs with backup in real-time monitoring and prevention of evidence loss; Checking fake claims, writing the image of the chip on the video and examining the claims of falling down

- Full HD or reliable and affordable all-in-one package 4K Resolution

- Heat Map for layout and display information

- Customer counting at the entrance using open platform analytics and advanced edge analytics

- Cash monitoring with high quality video. Sales integration with technology partners and exception reporting point; The POS receipt data is stored simultaneously with the receipt information video capture.

- Better customer service with payment queue management and zone analysis

- Video monitoring and management through integration of different retail equipment; State-of-the-art data monitoring technology integrates various connected devices, central monitoring system and mobile surveillance.

TMonitoring from Mobil Devices

- Watch videos from remote locations and search for recorded images using mobile devices

Intelligent Video Analysis to Improve Sales

- Statistical graphs for analysis based on business intelligence data in store: foot traffic, customer queue, parking and store display

- Summary of visitor numbers and traffic patterns and trends.

- Effectiveness of indicators and staff levels

- Store and customer information to improve sales performance

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Efficient Central Management

- Monitor and manage devices in various locations from a control center

- Reduced operating costs for efficient store operations.

- Central device maintenance and easy installation.

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