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3045-W, Sentrol Emergency Button
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Brand: Carrier Model: 3045-W
3045-W, Sentrol Emergency Button The Sentrol 3040/3050 series Panic Switch activates the alarm output when the user pulls the actuating lever. On the 3040 model, an external LED lights and latches, indicating that the alarm circuit has been activated. The lever is closed first to rearm the alarm sw..
DC121, Recessed Mount Magnetic Contact
Brand: Carrier Model: DC121
DC121, Recessed Mount Magnetic Contact  Press-Fit Contact The DC121 press fit switch is an 11 mm diameter magnetic contact with wire leads. Use no glue or screws to mount; small ribs on the housing hold the contact in place. Heavy-duty housing resist crushing from swelling wood. An extra wide..
3040W, Sentrol Emergency Button with Led Indicator
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Brand: Carrier Model: 3040-W
3040W, Sentrol Emergency Button with Led Indicator..
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