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DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type
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Brand: YLI Model: DLK-402
DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type    The mortise door loop.its Dimension is 290Lx25Wx12D(mm)DIA.can prevent the wire from broken and intentionally mangle. Prevent the wire from malicious damageFlex conduit Nickel-plated steel casePainted by high temperature291Lx25..
YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock
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Brand: YLI Model: YB-500IN
YB-500IN, Solenoid Bolt Lock YB-500I N(LED) is an all-metal construction electric bolt .suitable for narrow frame doors which is possess with Double protection for loading current. The bolt is made of 304 stainless steel solid bar with 1000kg holding force and anti-burglar design. It contains the d..
Brand: YLI Model: YD-603
YD-603, Wall & Mortise Mounted Magnetic Door Holder YD-603 is a mortise or wall mount door holder. Feature of low power consumption makes it more environmental friendly and more durable. Build-out release button for testing and build-in MOV reverse current protection. Product ParameterParame..
Brand: YLI Model: YS-133NC
YS-133NC, Fail Safe Electric Strike for Glass Door The YS-133NC is designed for frameless glass doors. The working principle of the striker is based on the electromagnetism holding or releasing the release to lock or unlock the door. YS-133NC Locks when power is on. When the energy is cut ..
YE-301, Electric Cabinet Lock YE-301, Electric Cabinet Lock
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Brand: YLI Model: YE-301
YE-301, Electric Cabinet LockThe YE-301 Electric Cabinet Lock is designed to electronically secure cabinets and drawers which is very convenient for installation.Main FeaturesSize: 55Lx55Wx25H(mm) Pin Length: 18mmPin Diameter: 7mmVoltage: Current: Suitable for:Weight: 12VDC..
YE-304-NO, Electric Cabinet Lock YE-304-NO, Electric Cabinet Lock
Brand: YLI Model: YE-304-NO
YE-304-NO, Electric Cabinet LockMain FeaturesSize: 50Lx30.2Wx26.8H(mm)Holding force: >150KGVoltage: DC12VCurrent: 100mAFeature: Fail safe(NC), Fail secure(NO)Suitable for: File Cabinet ,Disply CabinetWeight: 0.18kg..
Brand: YLI Model: YS-621-S
YS-621-S, Electric Strike for Push Bar YS-621-S is suitable for fire exit door with Push-rod lock.The operating principle of electric strike is that electromagnetism produces the force to pull or push the release lever so that to lock or open the door. Product ParameterParamete..
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