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About Us

SECURITURK Electronic Security Systems Inc. (shortly SECURITURK); Electronic Security Systems projects, wholesale and retail sales activities. We are a tool to reach many of the world's leading products. All the products we use, the best quality in the world, the most appropriate price and guarantee that we have selected products that provide us to create / create a problem-free system. Through the service we provide and the products we deliver to you, we set out to ensure that you receive the best quality at the best price and improve our trade with it.

Our company has adopted the principle of Customer Satisfaction. We think that the new customers, which may arise from the satisfaction of the institutions and individuals who choose us, will enlarge us further. For this reason, our principle is: Satisfied Customer = New Customer.

With our experience in electronic security systems since 1995 and our expert staff, we will be with you in the future.


  • Hanwha Techwin (Wisenet) Electronic Security Products,
  • Samsung LFD Monitors,
  • Sony Video Security Products,
  • Rosslare Card Access Systems,
  • Bosch Voice Alarm and Fire Alarm Systems,
  • Axis Network Public Address Systems,
  • Paradox Alarm Systems,
  • Garrett and Thruscan Metal Detectors,

uses world-renowned products. These products offer the best quality in the world and provide their customers with the best total cost of ownership (TCO). For this purpose, these selected products enable us to keep our service quality at the best level.