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Delivery & Warranty


Our products are delivered to the shipment upon receipt of payment. When you take delivery of your product during the shipment packages that you think is damaged in front of the cargo company authorized to receive the delivery. If you detect any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record of the company official. When you receive your product, please note that you accept that the cargo company fulfills its duty without any problems.

Warranty conditions:

The warranty period starts on the date of delivery and is 2 years. All parts of the device are covered by our company warranty. However, the batteries or batteries used for feeding the device in the event of a power failure are guaranteed for 1 year. In case of failure of the device within the warranty period, the period of repair is added to the warranty period. The maximum repair period is 15 days. This period starts from the date of notification to the company. If the device fails during the warranty period due to both material and workmanship and installation errors, the repair will be performed by our company without any charge under the labor cost, replacement part cost or any other name.


Provided that within the warranty period from the date of delivery, the same failure repeats more than 3 times within one year or different failures occur more than 5 times,

If it is determined by SECURITURK, the manufacturer or the installer that it is not possible to exceed the maximum time for repair and repair, the device will be replaced free of charge.

The warranty given above is for repairing and replacing any faults that may occur on purchased devices only within the specified period. Other than that, rights and compensation under any name can not be. The determination of the fault rectification procedure is entirely up to SECURITURK™ . Issues that invalidate the given warranty: Repair or modification of the device by unauthorized persons, removal of the serial numbers on the device and the card or scraping and alteration of these numbers, the occurrence of malfunctions as a result of the attachment of accessories and additional tools not approved by SECURITURK to the device. accident, deliberate destruction, natural disaster and the obligations of the customer in this document and in the instruction manual are not fully fulfilled.