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Fire Alarm Systems; These are early warning systems against factors that endanger human health and life. They are the most important of the security needs of buildings as they are directly related to life health. Fire alarms are found in offices, factories, workplaces, homes and public buildings. They continue to work as a part of daily life.

Regardless of the detection method, if the alarm is triggered, the sirens will work to alert and evacuate people in the building that there may be a fire. The fire alarm system may also include a remote signal system that alerts the fire department via a central station.

When smoke or heat is detected in the environment, the central panels switch to alarm and activate the sounders. After this, the building's fire or gas detection sounders will sound and sound. An alarm is also generated at the central control unit.

The building doors / turnstiles are released after this triggering. Depending on where the detection is made, the fire-separating doors are released and the fire, if any, is prevented from passing to other areas of the building.

They are generally designed in 2 different types;

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
    • In addressable fire alarm systems, each connected element has an address. Therefore, the user can see from which detector or warning button an alarm is triggered via the fire alarm panel. In this way, users can see which room on which floor is alarmed and reach the scene in a shorter time.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
    • Conventional fire alarms can collect sensors and alarm buttons in certain groups (Zone) to indicate from which zone the alarm is issued. This requires the user to navigate the sensors and the warning buttons within the zone.

Fire Alarm Systems

ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons Conventional ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons Conventional
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Brand: Bosch Model: ROLP-R-LX-W-WF
ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons ConventionalThe LX Sounder Beacons are for dual use applications where a visual alarm device is required in addition to an audible alarm.FunctionsThe device has a unique lens design to achieve the required illumination specified by EN54-23. The flash rate as well a..
Brand: Horing Lih Model: AH-03127-BS
AH-03127-BS, Flashing Fire Alarm SirenMain Features32 signal tones selectable by Dip switch.High sound output with low current consumption.High efficiency lens for maximum light output.Volume Control as standard.Two sets of IN and OUT terminals, easy for installation...
Brand: Bosch Model: FNM-320LED-SRD
FNM-320LED-SRD, Flashing Fire Alarm Siren112 dB (A) maximum sound levelCompact, durable and maintenance-freeSuitable for bad environmental conditionsSound-light warning device combined with integrated LED..
Brand: Bosch Model: D-296
D-296, 24V Beam Type Smoke DetectorOperates over distances between 30 ft (9 m) and 350 ft (107 m)Six levels of switch-selectable sensitivityBuilt-in alignment sights and tamper protectionAutomatic range adjustment, signal synchronization, and contamination adjustmentRemote indicator plate annunciate..
MSS-400-LSN-SA, Socket Based Siren, LSN Supply
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Brand: Bosch Model: MSS-400-LSN-SA(RED)
Bosch Socket Based Addressable Siren (Red)Sound level up to 100 dB (A)Modern design, durable, compact typeDesigned for operating voltages from 9 VDC to 28 VDCHigh reliability and long service lifeChoose from 11 different tones (including DIN tone)For surface and flush mounting cable supply..
MS-400, Detector Mounting Base
Brand: Bosch Model: MS-400
MS-400, Detector Mounting BaseCompatible with all Bosch Detectors...
Brand: Bosch Model: LSN-0300A
LSN-0300A Loop CardThis module allows connection of an LSN loop with 254 approved LSN elements or 127 conventional LSN elements with a 300 mA line current.Up to 254 LSNi elementsLine length up to 1600 m, (depending on configuration and cable type)Unshielded cable availableLine current up to 300 mA, ..
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