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Sounders and Beacons that can be used in carbon monoxide detection systems can be found in this category.

Sounders and Beacons

ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons Conventional ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons Conventional
Brand: Bosch Model: ROLP-R-LX-W-WF
ROLP-R-LX-W-WF, LX Sounder Beacons ConventionalThe LX Sounder Beacons are for dual use applications where a visual alarm device is required in addition to an audible alarm.FunctionsThe device has a unique lens design to achieve the required illumination specified by EN54-23. The flash rate as well a..
Brand: Horing Lih Model: AH-03127-BS
AH-03127-BS, Flashing Fire Alarm SirenMain Features32 signal tones selectable by Dip switch.High sound output with low current consumption.High efficiency lens for maximum light output.Volume Control as standard.Two sets of IN and OUT terminals, easy for installation...
VTG-SB, Fire Alarm Siren
Shipping in 2-3 Days
VTB-SB, Fire Warning Siren
Shipping in 2-3 Days
Brand: Cranford Model: VTB-SB
VTB-SB, Fire Warning Siren..
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