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A world of audio possibilities

Axis network audio systems are the complete high-quality audio systems you can use in a variety of situations:

Increase security at your facility with event-triggered announcements and direct announcements. Make live or planned announcements in different regions, at the right time and in the right place. Create an environment with easy and flexible programming of excellent sound music. All this while enjoying the many benefits of a network audio system.

You can make all applications that contain sound such as security, public address and background music broadcast to the voice systems running on Axis Network. You will not be aware of any deficiencies or malfunctions in the system until you notice that there is no sound from the speaker in analog audio systems. However, all parts of the network audio system are controlled by the control software. If there are any problems, the user will be informed instantly.

Network Sound Systems

Brand: AXIS Model: Axis C8033
C8033, AXIS Network Audio BridgeAll the advantages of network voicePoE for easy installationAccording to open standardsEasy integration with other IT systemsAXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge is an intelligent and easy solution that connects and combines analog and network audio systems. Y..
2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce Microphone 2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce Microphone
Brand: AXIS Model: 2N-SIP-Mic
2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce MicrophoneMain FeaturesAll-in-one microphone console12 configurable buttons for 12 zonesPre-recorded or live announcementQuick setup with just one network cable (PoE)Ready for the future with openness and integrationThe AXIS 2N SIP Mic is an all-in-one network ..
AXIS, Audio Player Software
Brand: AXIS Model: AXIS Audio Player
AXIS, Audio Player SoftwarePlay Music 24/7Announce Recorded Audio FilesSchedule music and announcements with playlistsAXIS Audio Player is an audio application for playing background music and announcements in stores. The Axis comes pre-installed on the network speaker and has everything you n..
C7050, AXIS Audio Management Server
Brand: AXIS Model: C7050
C7050, AXIS Audio Management ServerThe AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server comes preinstalled on a 3.4GHz computer. Enables easy and remote management of large network audio installations. It provides a structure that takes control of your entire audio system and can be controlled from a single user int..
Axis Audio Management, Software AXIS Audio Manager
Brand: AXIS Model: AXIS Audio Manager
Axis Audio Management, Software AXIS Audio ManagerAudio Management Software enables you to efficiently manage and control your audio system, regardless of its size and complexity. AXIS Audio Player is the best choice for smaller, simpler systems. AXIS Audio Manager is best for larger, more advanced ..
C3003-E, Horn Type Network Speaker
Brand: AXIS Model: C3003-E
C3003-E, Horn Type Network SpeakerAXIS C3003-E Horn type network loudspeaker is an easy-to-install external speaker that provides clear, long-range speech for remote talk in video surveillance applications. In live video viewing situations, the AXIS C3003-E allows an operator to remotely guide p..
C2005, Flush-mount Network Speaker
Brand: AXIS Model: C2005
C2005, Flush-mount Network SpeakerMain FeaturesAll-in-one speaker systemQuick setup with just one network cable (PoE)Easy music streamingScheduled and customized playlistsScheduled or live audio announcementsReady for the future with openness and integrationThe AXIS C2005 Ceiling Flush-mount Network..
C1004-E, Cabinet Network Speaker
Brand: AXIS Model: C1004-E
C1004-E, Cabinet Network SpeakerThe AXIS C1004-E is an all-in-one speaker system connected by a single network cable. Ready to deliver high quality sound right out of the box without the need for fine tuning. The background music can be played with the pre-installed AXIS Audio Player application. Yo..
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