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  • All-in-one microphone console
  • 12 configurable buttons for 12 zones
  • Pre-recorded audio or live announcement
  • Quick setup with just one network cable (PoE)
  • Future-proof with openness and integration
  • The AXIS 2N SIP Mic is a network microphone console that gives you a smart and easy way to turn your Axis network speakers into a complete voice alarm system.


2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce Microphone 2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce Microphone
Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
Brand: AXIS Model: 2N-SIP-Mic
2N-SIP-Mic, Live Announce MicrophoneMain FeaturesAll-in-one microphone console12 configurable buttons for 12 zonesPre-recorded or live announcementQuick setup with just one network cable (PoE)Ready for the future with openness and integrationThe AXIS 2N SIP Mic is an all-in-one network ..
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