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GS250, Wireless Multi-Axis Detector

GS250, Wireless Multi-Axis Detector
GS250, Wireless Multi-Axis Detector
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: GS250
  • Dimensions: 27.00mm x 75.00mm x 10.00mm
  • SKU: GS250
  • HS CODE: 853110
  • MPN: GS250

GS250, Wireless Multi-Axis Detector

The Gpower GS250 is an indoor wireless movement detector that uses advanced three-axis accelerometer technology (X,Y, and Z) to sense movement of any object it is attached to. When fitted to any protected valuable or asset, the Gpower will trigger a detection if an attempt is made to move the object.

The Gpower features adjustable sensitivity and an Installer Test mode. It is also fully supervised by the panel for RF presence and low battery. Furthermore, the Gpower is easily concealed and offers tamper protection against the opening of the module’s cover or the removal of the module from the protected object.

The Gpower is the ideal solution for protecting individual assets or valuables, thus enhancing a traditional security system installation.


  • Three-axis (X, Y, and Z axis) accelerometer detection
  • Adjustable sensitivity for any installation (additional grace period of up to four seconds can be added):
    • Short movement (High-security) = 1 to 3-seconds
    • Long movement (Standard-security) = 3 to 5-seconds
  • Long battery life (2 years with two detections per week)
  • Low battery and RF supervision
  • Available in 433 MHz or 868 MHz
  • Dual-tamper detection for removal or opening of the device
  • Power saving mode (conserves battery life)


  • Residential: expensive electronics, housesafes, paintings, antiques and collectibles
  • Commercial: external air conditioning units, external solar panels, ATM machines, art, etc.
AS Product Class
Product TypeMulti-Axis Detector
Detector Specifications
Sensor OperationWireless
Microprocessor ControlYes.

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