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LSN-0300A, Loop Card

LSN-0300A, Loop Card
LSN-0300A, Loop Card
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: LSN-0300A
  • Weight: 225.00g
  • Dimensions: 127.00mm x 96.00mm x 60.00mm
  • SKU: LSN-0300A
  • MPN: LSN-0300A

LSN-0300A, Loop Card

This module allows connection of an LSN loop with 254 approved LSN elements or 127 conventional LSN elements with a 300 mA line current.

Main Features

  • Up to 254 LSNi elements
  • Line length up to 1600 m, (depending on configuration and cable type)
  • Unshielded cable available
  • Line current up to 300 mA, (depending on configuration and cable type)
  • Additional voltage output (ERT enabled)
  • Flexible network structures (circuit, line and T-tap)
  • Addressing techniques: Automatic addressing on LSN Approved devices, Automatic addressing and manual address assignment on LSN Classic Devices

CategoryFire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System Specifications
Operation TypeAddressable
Product TypeLoop Module

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