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FPA-1200-C-TR, Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

FPA-1200-C-TR, Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Panel
FPA-1200-C-TR, Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Panel
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: FPA-1200-C-TR
  • Weight: 20.00kg
  • Dimensions: 149.00mm x 440.00mm x 638.00mm
  • SKU: FPA-1200-C-TR
  • HS CODE: 853110
  • MPN: FPA-1200-C-TR

FPA-1200-C-TR, Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, 2Loop

Using the famous LSN bus technology, the FPA-1200 fire panel provides effective protection for small and medium-sized businesses and is ideal for 1 and 2-cycle systems. Comes with external enclosure, controller, functional modules, power supply, and additional accessories. It is ready to use after installation and editing. We configure the FPA-1200 FSP-5000-RSP programming software, which allows 127 elements to be connected on each cycle.

It allows connection to the building management system (BIS, Bosch Building Integration System) via an Ethernet interface via the OPC server. Thanks to another serial interface, it can be used with Bosch Voice Evacuation System (EVAC).

Main Features

  • Easy Upgrade Up to 2 Loops with Second LSN 0300A Module
  • Up to 254 item links (127 per loop)
  • Remote operation with up to 3 Remote Keypads
  • Compatible with up to 6 functional modules for easy adaptation to different local requirements
  • Automatic detection of modules and installation during operation
  • Serial Interface to Bosch Voice Evacuation System (EVAC)
CategoryFire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System Specifications
Product TypeFire Alarm Panel
Panel TypeAddressable
Number of LoopsUp to 2
Number of Connectable DetectorsMaximum 254

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