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AC-425IP-B, 4 Reader Access Control Panel

AC-425IP-B, 4 Reader Access Control Panel
AC-425IP-B, 4 Reader Access Control Panel
  • Stock Status: In Stock
  • Model: AC-425IP-B
  • Weight: 3,660.00g
  • Dimensions: 97.00mm x 264.00mm x 364.00mm
  • SKU: AC-425IP-B
  • HS CODE: 85371000
  • MPN: AC-425IP-B

AC-425IP-B, 4 Reader Access Control Panel

AC-425IP-B includes:

AC-425IP-DIN, Expandable, with 4 Reader support, available with AxTraxNG ™ System control and reporting software for Microsoft Windows Servers. Up to 4 readers can be connected to the AC-425IP-DIN and can control 4 doors in one direction. By adding the MD-D04B to the AC-425IP-DIN, the number of readers can be increased to 8, the number of doors - one-way - to 8. 8 readers and 4-door support are available for bidirectional use. It can be operated via AC-425IP-B (TCP / IP) and AC-425-DIN (RS-485).

Expansion Modules:

Expansion modules can be installed in less than a minute. The AC-425IP-B comes with not only a rail-mount panel and a box with advanced power supply ME-1015, but also comes with a rail apparatus for large automation panels. The system offers a modular and expandable solution that is ideal for commercial and corporate needs.

Access Control System Specifications
Product TypeAccess Control Panel
Reader TypeMifare & Proximity
Control Panel Specifications
Reader Connectors4(8 with MD-D04B)
Number of Doors4-8
Number of Inputs4(8 with MD-IO84B )
Number of Relay Outputs4(8 with MD-IO84B )
Computer CommunicationsEthernet
Number of users30.000
Event Recording20.000

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