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E1196, Bluetooth Reader

E1196, Bluetooth Reader
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E1196, Bluetooth Reader
  • Stock Status: Please Ask
  • Model: E1196
  • Weight: 75.00g
  • Dimensions: 114.00mm x 69.50mm x 30.00mm
  • SKU: E1196
  • MPN: E1196

E1196, Bluetooth Reader 

After making the appropriate connections to the E-1196

Download E-Access app for Android Phones    or   Download E-Access app for IPhone Phones 

Download using these links. Then all you have to do is set 1 admin password. Easily open your doors with this reader, which can introduce up to 196 people.

How E-Access Works:

This system is based on the communication of 1 Bluetooth reader and e-access software downloaded from the application store. After the E-1196 reader is energized and connected to the electric lock, the system is set up with the E-Access application, and the E-Access application is installed on the users' phones and their passwords are entered in the relevant part of the software. Then all the user needs to do is to keep the Bluetooth function on their smartphone and to open the door.

 touch the button. Or they can open the door when they approach using the automatic option. Bu cihazlar bağlayacağınız

you can also switch on and off your devices. For example, you can switch an LED lighting in your home via this reader.

Since the device works via Bluetooth, it can be placed behind the wall. It doesn't have to be visible.

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Access Control System Specifications
Product TypeReader.
Card TypeBluetooth
Reader TypeStandalone
Operation TypeBluetooth
User Capacity196
Operating voltage12VDC

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