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CSTORE-15-3U-DU, ColdStore, Network Attached Storage System

CSTORE-15-3U-DU, ColdStore, Network Attached Storage System
CSTORE-15-3U-DU, ColdStore, Network Attached Storage System
  • Stock Status: Pre-Order
  • Model: CSTORE-15-3U-DU
  • Weight: 17,800.00g
  • Dimensions: 483.00mm x 440.00mm x 131.00mm
  • SKU: CSTORE-15-3U-DU
  • EAN: 892314002470
  • HS CODE: 8471705000
  • MPN: CSTORE-15-3U-DU

CSTORE-15-3U-DU, ColdStore, Network Attached Storage System

The world's most reliable surveillance storage system

COLDSTORE uses only one-tenth of the power consumed by other comparable systems, is resistant to disk failures, does not require disk rebuilding, and significantly reduces your operating costs. It provides an easy way to instantly extract and move video data based on critical evidence.

The discs are used in sequence, all unused discs are turned off, saving power and thus significantly reducing temperature, vibration and wear, which are considered triple killers. The system uses a unique mirrored overlapping dual write pattern to provide full data backup during critical write operation. However, it does not double the number of drives like fully mirrored RAID1 systems.

COLDSTORE is based on the fact that only 3% of the video data is replayed and therefore 87% of each disc is closed (on average). SFS controls disk read / write heads. Like a palak player, it separates the heads from the surface of the disc and virtually eliminates vibration.

Combining LAID and SFS with a specially designed low-power main CPU board results in a hard disk array that requires virtually no cooling. It uses 60 watts of power, even with a fully loaded 120TB disk array.

  • Networked sequential storage system
  • 3U, 120TB model only 60W
  • Specifically designed for IP Surveillance storage
  • LAID and SFS for long disk life and reliability
  • No data loss on disk failure and no reconfiguration required.
  • Uses most brands and SATA models, offering the best capacity
  • Easy and simple end-user disk management
  • Watch at any time despite disc removal
CCTV Product Class
Product TypeHDD Expansions
Recorder Specifications
Number of Disk Slots15
Disk Expansions Specifications
Connection InterfaceEthernet

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