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Frequently Asked Questions

All prices are in the upper right corner of your chosen currency within the borders of Turkey and buyers K.D.V. is subject to the law. 

Shipping costs & fees:

  • For orders placed from Turkey; 300TL and above will not be charged for shipping orders.
  • For orders placed from outside Turkey; A flat shipping rate of 25USD will be added for orders placed outside of Turkey.

Payments can be made by credit card or by cash transfer / EFT. Giving information by e-mail after wire transfer or EFT transaction speeds up the process.

The description and feature tabs contain information about the products. You can request more information and datasheets from our company.
You can use the form below to ask questions and request information.
After your orders are delivered to the cargo, you can find and follow the cargo information in the relevant area.
Your invoices will be sent to your e-mail address as an e-invoice.
International shipping companies (UPS, TNT, DHL) are generally used for our shipments.  Products will be sent according to Incoterms®2010 outside of Turkey. Export declaration process in Turkey, where necessary, our company has obligations.