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1 Year Video Recording

1 Year Video Recording Solution


The amount of data a camera generates directly affects the bandwidth and storage space required for recording. The smaller the amount of data your camera produces high-resolution images, the less bandwidth and storage requirements for this camera. Light sensitivity is the most important factor that reduces the amount of data, especially in dark environments. Cameras capable of capturing color images even at 0.01lx brightness reduce the amount of data almost equal to daytime.

 Wisenet products have a variety of tools for low bandwidth and storage. Using WiseStream II, Hanwha Techwin's video compression technology is combined with the Wisenet X series H.265 compression. Compared to existing H.264 technology with a camera using dynamic fps and WisestreamII, the amount of data is reduced by up to 99%. This means saving network devices and storage space. Reducing the amount of data eliminates the need for extra storage, making it possible to record and store 1 year for the appropriate number of cameras. System costs are also greatly reduced without compromising image quality. Wisenet products are tailored for long-term registration, especially in bonded areas.

Key Features

Product variety
Network cameras
44-64 Channel Storage Devices
Structure for long-term storage
Hard Disk Support
Economical Serial Commercial HDD Support 
RAID5, RAID6, or Coldstore
Hot-Swap Disk Structure
Low Bandwidth and Storage Requirement
Bandwidth Requirement from 7Mbps ~ 72Kbps
Automatic bandwidth control
Storage Control

X Series Standard Functions

Low Bandwidth
Wisenet X, Q and P Series products can reduce bandwidth and storage by up to 1/10 using Dynamic fps and WiseStream II functions. Compared to H.264 devices, the required bandwidth and storage will be significantly reduced.
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Düşük Bant Genişliği

RAID5 and RAID6 Support
One of the main problems with long-term recording is the loss of data in case of disk corruption.
- Wisenet PRN-4011, XRN-3010 and SRN-4000 recorders are equipped with storage technology on the RAID5 and / or RAID6 array. Therefore, no data loss occurs in a disk corruption.
PRN-4011 XRN-3010 SRN-4000 XRN-2011


ColdStore Solutions
In conventional recording devices, discs start to operate from the first power-on. The average life span is 3 years and is replaced by a periodic change or at the end of deterioration.
- Wisenet products are suitable for Veracity's ColdStore storage devices. In the RAID system, only 2 disks that are overwritten are energized. Other discs wait until they are running. Thus, disk life is long. The discs are not damaged in case of any electrical problem. To access Product Brochure Click Here.
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Analysis and Motion Detection
Recording with motion or camera analysis instead of continuous recording
- The user interface allows easy monitoring of the overall state of a system, ensuring the optimal operation of video surveillance systems. In addition, videos in the branches are automatically backed up to the center outside business hours, given the network bandwidth and blockages between bank branches. Wisenet products provide interfaces that allow users with multiple branches and a high amount of equipment to easily manage system settings and structure.
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