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You can find the power units and accessories used in Access Control Systems in this category.

Power Units and Accessories

DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type
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Brand: YLI Model: DLK-402
DLK-402, Cable Gland, Concealed, Flush Type    The mortise door loop.its Dimension is 290Lx25Wx12D(mm)DIA.can prevent the wire from broken and intentionally mangle. Prevent the wire from malicious damageFlex conduit Nickel-plated steel casePainted by high temperature291Lx25..
ME-1015M, Multipurpose Power Management Enclosure
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Brand: Rosslare Model: ME-1015M
ME-1015M, Multipurpose Power Management EnclosureThe ME-1015M is a multipurpose wall mountable power management enclosure. featuring a 4A switch-mode power supply, a power management module that supplies two isolated 2A power channels, and power backup management with up to a 7Ah lead acid battery. ..
MD-25TB, Secure Relay I/O Module MD-25TB, Secure Relay I/O Module
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Brand: Rosslare Model: MD-25TB
MD-25TB, Secure Relay I/O Module   The MD-25TB is a secure relay i/o module that converts Rosslare’s convertible series (AYC) readers into secure standalone controllers. With the secure module installed inside the secure premises, critical wiring for inputs, outputs, rex, and lock are inside ..
Brand: OEM Model: VL-YS508
VL-YS508, Non-Contact Exit ButtonThe VL-YS 508 is an exit button operated by hand. Approach distance can be adjusted from the button...
EX-H22, Contactless Exit button
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Brand: Rosslare Model: EX-H22
EX-H22, Contactless Exit buttonThanks to the infrared sensor on the EX-H22, it sees the movement of the hand without touching the button and allows the door to be opened. In this way, it provides hygiene.Enhanced Infrared Detection SwitchAdverse Weather Resistant DesignIlluminated Indicator Around B..
Brand: Virdi Model: EB-030
EB-030, Virdi Non-Contact Exit Button Main Features EB-030, Virdi Non-Contact Exit Button Contactless Exit Button Audible Warning LED Status Indicator NO NC Com 12VDC..
Brand: Gianni Model: CP-32
CP-32, 2 Contact Resettable Emergency Exit ButtonResettable emergency button, CP-32 model with independent double contact (N / O and N / C), people can provide electrical lock / release functions in case of emergency. This button which can be reset with the switch also eliminates the glass breakage ..
Brand: Rosslare Model: MD-IO84-B
MD-IO84-B, Rosslare 8 Inputs 4 Output Expansion Modules for AC-425IP-B PanelsAC-425IP-DIN and AC-225IP-DIN are added to the panel board to give 8 Inputs and 4 Outputs.The MD-IO84 is an optional I/O expansion board for use with Rosslare Security's family of state-of-the-art networked access controlle..
Brand: STI Model: RP-GD2-11
RP-GD2-11, Resettable 2 Contact Emergency Exit ButtonThe ‘ReSet’ is a unique manual call point that simulates break glass activation whilst offering the user the benefits of a re-settable operating element. An activation indicator drops into view on activation. The ReSet Call Points are then simply ..
Brand: EDS Model: EDS-EBT
EBT, Non-Contact Exit Button EBT Non-Contact exit button can be easily used in your homes and workplaces with its hand-sensing structure, stylish design and comfortable use. It offers high performance and reliable solution with its distance adjustment between 5-25 cm and 1-30 seconds time adjustmen..
Brand: Rosslare Model: ME-1015E
ME-1015E, Access Control Panel Installation BoxME-1015E, AC-xx5IP-DIN is a power supply mounting box for panels.The ME-1015E power management enclosure is a lockable metal cabinet with an innovative 15 V, 4 Amp power supply featuring a UPS circuit designed to fit and power Rosslare’s 425x, 225x, and..
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