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TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera

TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera
  • Stock Status: Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
  • Model: TNB-9000
  • Weight: 2,200.00g
  • Dimensions: 179.00mm x 120.00mm x 118.10mm
  • SKU: TNB-9000
  • HS CODE: 8525809190
  • MPN: TNB-9000

TNB-9000, 32MP, 8K Network Camera

The TNB-9000 is a network camera with 32 Megapixel 35mm CMOS. The TNB-9000 broadcasts 8K in large and more detailed areas. The camera is ideal for stadiums, airports and similar large areas where it is impractical to install multiple cameras, or where costs need to be reduced.

The TNB-9000 also includes artificial intelligence functions: object detection based artificial intelligence and machine learning are other features of the camera.

The remote focus EF (Electro Focus) mount lens support provides customers with exceptional flexibility and low light performance in their lens options. Offering an EF Lens option means that most DSLR camera lenses can also be used with this camera. This makes the TNB-9000 the ideal network camera for any scene where you want to capture 8K or 32MP images.

The Audio Input, Microphone Input and Audio Output host TNB-9000 allows audio analysis (analysis). The camera comes with embedded audio detection and audio classification analysis. Micro SD memory card slot, WisestreamII support, 3 Profile broadcast, ONVIF S / G / T profiles, Hanwha Techwin Sunapi protocol support are other features of the camera.

Thanks to the built-in HDMI and USB connection, it can be connected directly to monitors and televisions in 1080p resolution.

Main Features

  • 43.3mm Full Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
    • 7680x4320 (8K) 15fps,
    • 6016x4008 (24MP) 20 fps,
    • 4768x3184 (15MP) 30fps,
    • 3840x2160 (4K) 60fps.
  • H.265, H.264, MJPEG Encoding
  • Auto focus for EF lenses
  • Supports triple coding with profile recognition, H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • RJ45 Ethernet and Internal Fiber Optic Input (SFP)
  • 1080p HDMI output on the camera
  • HPoE + or 12VDC
  • RS-485 / RS422 Output for Pan Tilt Motors

Angular Field of View for Canon EF Lenses

  • Canon 24mm, H: 57.4° 
  • Canon 35mm, H: 42.6° 
  • Canon 50mm, H: 30.9° 
  • Canon 85mm, H: 19.1° 
  • Canon 100mm, H: 16.0° 
  • Canon 70-200mm, H: 22.8° ~ 8.0°


The TNB-9000 delivers true 8K high resolution thanks to the 43.3mm Full-frame CMOS sensor. Even in a fairly large area like a stadium, a lot of details can be captured with a single camera.


Product Type Camera
Operation Type Network (IP)
Production Series T Series
Camera Specifications
Resolution (Megapixels) 32MP (8K-UHD)
Camera Type Box Type
Power Option 12VDC HPoE
Shutter Speed (fps) 8K 15fps. 4K 60fps
Outdoor? Yes. with Housing
Day and Night Function True Day Night
Extra Function HDMI Output
Camera Lens Type No. Buy separately

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