Mask Detection System

The coronavirus has become an pandemic that deeply affects our lives. Strict measures have been taken all over the world due to the Infection rate and serious damage. One of the most important measures taken in this context is that people wear masks.

With the decision taken by the competent authorities; In closed areas such as stores, shopping malls, markets, offices, factories and production areas, people are required to wear masks.

In order for the legal measures to be successful, there must be an inspection mechanism. Hanwha Techwin and its partner a2 Teknoloji developed a solution that detects unmasked people.

A2-VCA Mask Detection System is an Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analysis solution used to instantly detect and intervene people who do not wear masks in closed areas. A2-VCA mask detection software is installed and operated by Hanwha Techwin's cameras that can run X series 3rd party solutions. The powerful processor on the camera runs the algorithm as fast as possible. People who do not wear masks are identified by software and an alarm is generated.

Installation and usage processes are planned very simple. Mask detection cameras are placed in the area to be checked and put into operation. As a result of the analysis made on the images taken from the cameras, people without a mask are identified, recorded and reported to the manager or staff as an instant alarm.

It can be viewed on a computer, phone or tablet on the same network. In addition, management and reporting of many branches can be made from a single point with the cloud-based connection offered as an option.

Detection Features

  • Detection up to 5 meters
  • Detecting up to 4 people at the same time
  • Unmasked Person Alarm
  • Incorrectly Worn Mask Detection
  • It Is Not Affected By Hat, Glasses, Headscarf

System Features

  • Plug and Play System
  • No Computer Required
  • Instant Alert via Customer Interface
  • Web Based Management Interface
  • Works Integrated with Wave Video Management Software