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PNO-9080R, 4K Network IR Bullet Camera

PNO-9080R, 4K Network IR Bullet Camera
Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
PNO-9080R, 4K Network IR Bullet Camera
  • Stock Status: Shipping in 4-6 Weeks
  • Model: PNO-9080R
  • Weight: 1,400.00g
  • Dimensions: 348.30mm x 82.40mm x 87.00mm
  • SKU: PNO-9080R
  • EAN: 8801089116246
  • HS CODE: 8525809190
  • MPN: PNO-9080R

PNO-9080R, 4K Network IR Bullet Camera

PNO-9080R is a member of the Wisenet P family. The 4K resolution image is produced in 30 frames and sent to the network. The PNO-9080R, which can operate at 12MP, can operate at 20 fps in this mode. The Wisenet P 4K (UHD) family's proven UHD performance produces high-resolution, crystal-clear images.

Exceptional picture quality of 4K Ultra HD

The Wisenet P series offers an advanced surveillance system that produces superior image quality and detailed visual output.

Improved Bandwidth with our new WiseStream technology

The flow performance of the Wisenet P series camera has been greatly improved by applying an advanced compression technology called WiseStream. WiseStream can reduce bandwidth by up to 50% using dynamic technology, and when combined with high throughput video encoding (H.265), bandwidth efficiency can be improved by up to 75% compared to existing H.264 technology.

Digital Auto Tracking

In quieter times, especially at night, digital automatic tracking can be used to detect moving objects, including people. Digital auto tracking is ideal for tracking motion in low traffic areas, such as parks or squares at night.

Focus Detection and Corridor View

The Wisenet P series supports Defocus Detection, which helps detect when focus is finished and significantly increases productivity. The user can also remotely adjust the optimal focus over the network, reducing the setup / optimization time of the camera.

True WDR (120dB) and P-Iris

The true WDR function built into the Wisenet P series provides enhanced image quality by reducing motion blur and processing clearer images. The Wisenet P-series P-Iris provides automatic and precise opening of the lens, providing optimum performance in all lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  •     Dustproof / Waterproof (IP66) (PnO-9080r / Pnv-9080r) The dustproof and waterproof design allows you to easily install the product outdoors or expose it to rain.
  •     Ir mode When the IR indicator is turned on, the product switches to IR mode to prevent excessive brightness of the object, thus helping you identify the object at close range.
  •     Exceptional picture quality of 4K Ultra HD
  •     Multi Streaming This network camera can display videos at different resolutions and qualities simultaneously using different CODECs.
  •     Web Browser-based monitoring The Internet web browser is used to display the image in a local network environment.
  •     Alarm When an event occurs, the video is sent to the e-mail address or FTP server recorded by the user, or recorded to the Micro SD card or NAS, or a signal is sent to the alarm output terminal.
  •     Shuffle Detection Detects shuffle attempts during video playback.
  •     Defocus detection function Detects the defocus feature of the camera lens.
  •     Motion Detection Detects movements from the video input of the camera.
  •     Intelligent Video Analysis Analyzes the video to detect logical events under the conditions specified from the video input of the camera.
  •     Sound Detection Detects sounds above the user-specified level.
  •     Smart encoder Applies the encoders in an adaptive way to a part of the field of view of the camera to improve the quality of the user-specified area.
  •     Automatic Detection of Interrupted Network Detects network interruption before triggering an event.
  •     OnvIF Compatibility This product supports ONVIF Profile S&G. For more detailed information.


Product Type Camera
Operation Type Network (IP)
Production Series P Series
Camera Specifications
Resolution (Megapixels) 12MP (4K-UHD)
Camera Type Bullet
Heater / Blower Heater (operates at 24VAC)
Is there infrared lighting? 40m
Power Option 12VDC 24VAC PoE
WDR Function 120dB
Shutter Speed (fps) 30
Protection Class IP66
Outdoor? Yes.
Day and Night Function True Day Night
Camera Lens Type 4.5-10mm Motorized

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