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BB-VW-6UHD, Video Wall Decoder with 6 Monitor Outputs

BB-VW-6UHD, Video Wall Decoder with 6 Monitor Outputs
BB-VW-6UHD, Video Wall Decoder with 6 Monitor Outputs
  • Stock Status: Pre-Order
  • Model: BB-VW-6UHD
  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • Dimensions: 482.00mm x 88.00mm x 2.00mm
  • HS CODE: 84714190

BB-VW-6UHD, Video Wall Decoder with 6 Monitor Outputs

Affordable video wall decoders that work seamlessly with Wisenet Wave VMS

Key Pros:

  • Cost-effective video wall solution
  • Simple installation wizard plugin with Wisenet WAVE makes user experience easier
  • Flexible solution for every user need
  • Body design reduces physical footprint
  • Saving rack mounting space

Key Features

  • Low-Power, High-Density Processing, Controller Series, Enables Usable Desktop Pixels To Decode And Display More Than Four Times,
  • Provides Integrated Private Surveillance Solution,
  • Designed For 24/7 Operation And Passed Soak Test,
  • Long Life Industrial Grade Intel And Nvidia Components,
  • Aluminum Enclosure To Eliminate Warming Problems,
  • Simple Installation with Wisenet Wave
  • One Windows 10 desktop canvas on all output monitors
  • Extended Screen Identification Data (Edid) / Hot Pluggable Emulation: Allows your Windows Desktop to Remain When Turning Your Monitors On and Off
  • Active output drivers for long cable length, Common DisplayPort or HDMI outputs
  • Rack Mounting
  • RFC2326: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Accelerated fisheye camera correction with powerful unified CPU processing with GPU acceleration

    CCTV Product Class
    Product TypeVideo Wall Decoder
    Operation TypeNetwork (IP)
    Monitor Specifications
    Max. ResolutionUHD 2160p

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