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Wisenet Wave, Open Video Monitoring and Management Platform

Wisenet Wave, Open Video Monitoring and Management Platform
Wisenet Wave, Open Video Monitoring and Management Platform
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Wisenet Wave, Open Video Monitoring and Management Platform

Intuitive Video Management System
Hanwha Techwin is integrated with leading technology partners for an entry-level VMS called SSM and advanced Enterprise-level VMS projects. Wisenet WAVE was launched to meet the needs of mid-range projects with emphasis on simplified user experience.
Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet WAVE with full SUNAPI 2.0 integration for WISENET cameras and recorders.
An operating system to suit your needs
Wisenet WAVE makes applications for all major operating systems; therefore, our users are not limited to the device or operating system they choose to use on desktop computers, mobile devices, rack-mounted servers, or low-power embedded devices.
Cloud: A cloud-based service that provides simple, centralized access, remote access and access to any Wisenet WAVE system.
Desktop: A rich media player designed to view and manage a single file. Access to the Wisenet WAVE system from a desktop or laptop.
Mobile: A mobile application designed to watch Wisenet WAVE system videos and events on the go.
Server: A media server that is responsible for discovering, connecting to, and responsible for system devices and data.
ANSWER: Wisenet WAVE is a Video Management System (VYS) Software. It has a robust, reliable, fast response and extremely easy user interface.
ANSWER: Wisenet WAVE licenses are available in 4 types: Professional, Encoder, Video Wall and I / O.


License that provides video recording.
Requires a recording license for each camera or broadcast to be recorded. It does not require the purchase of any license for live viewing of the cameras. Registration licenses can be purchased individually or in bulk. Select the amount of channels you want from the options section and add it to the basket. To reach the total number of channels you want, select the relevant options one by one and add them to the cart. You can reach the total number of channels you want by editing the quantities in the basket. E.g; To get 40 channels, you must add one 16 channel option and one 24 channel option to the cart.
  • Wave 1 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-01EU): Provides 1 Channel video recording.
  • Wave 4 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-04EU): Provides 4 Channel video recording.
  • Wave 8 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-08EU): Provides 8 Channel video recording.
  • Wave 16 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-16EU): Provides 16 Channel video recording.
  • Wave 24 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-24EU): Provides 24 Channel video recording.
  • Wave 48 Channel Recording License (WAVE-PRO-48EU): Provides 48 Channel video recording.
Playback License: (WAVE-EMB-04): You can use Wisenet-Wave for free for live viewing. For playback via Network Video Recorder (NVR), you must acquire 1 Playback License for each 4 cameras.
Encoder license (WAVE-ENC-01EU): This is required when cameras are recorded via an encoder. A single Encoder license can activate up to four (4) recording channels. For example, 16 cameras connected to a 16-channel encoder will require four (4) Encoder licenses.
Video Wall license (WAVE-VW-01EU): Enables the video wall feature in Wisenet WAVE. A Video Wall license permits up to two (2) monitors for a single operator. You can use multiple licenses to create a large video wall.
I / O license (WAVE-IO-01EU): Enables control and registration of a supported I / O module.
ANSWER: Wisenet supports all devices that host the WAVE ONVIF protocol.

Product Type Software
Operation Type Network (IP)
Software Specifications
Software Type Recording / Monitoring / Control
Number of Channels Selectable

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